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Camp Pillsbury is a unique sleep over camp in Minnesota that provides over 100 activities to choose from.  Campers can attend for 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 weeks.  No matter what each child’s interests are, they are certain to find activities that not only fascinate them, but help build their character, self-esteem and confidence.

Camp Pillsbury offers its campers the chance to fly on the flying trapeze, participate in musical theater, sports (such as basketball, baseball, soccer, volleyball, cheer, gymnastics), extreme sports, learn magic tricks, go horseback riding, tumble, dance, and play a musical instrument or learn to water ski – all in the same day!

Our programs are coached by staff members accomplished in their fields of expertise.  Campers will improve and focus on 3 majors they take every morning.  Campers then select 3 minors daily in the afternoon which they can repeat or only experience once if they choose.

Camp Pillsbury helps kids from all over the world be successful through programs led by highly trained staff in a unique camp environment.  Our campers learn from the best to be the best.  While most other camps dictate the campers schedule and limit activities, Camp Pillsbury allows its campers to decide daily how they spend their time at camp.   With so many activities to choose from, Camp Pillsbury campers biggest problem is how to fit it all in in one day!

Camp Pillsbury is a great place for children to develop their passions, learn new skills and make new friends.   Summer camp is a growth experience  that  can shape one’s character in a fun, controlled and safe environment.  Camp is a place that is designed to create happy memories, boost self-confidence, and encourage kids to try new things that they can’t do in everyday life.  Camp Pillsbury is a great place for your children to make new friends and be immersed with campers from other countries, or campers who live just blocks away.  
Kids have the opportunity to ride horses, express themselves onstage, master unicycling, play sports or even be in a rock band.  
Campers sleep in dorms and are provided great food, fun and friends throughout the summer.  It is a fantastic overnight or day camp for boys and girls ages 6-17.  Visit for a complete listing of activities.

Business Review

Edie, a parent who sent their child to camp this past summer, had this to say: “Camp Pillsbury was an unexpected wonderful experience for my 13 year old daughter. She was enrolled for one 2015 summer session and then we signed her up for 2 additional sessions when we saw how much her confidence soared. The guitar and voice lessons gave her such a solid foundation.  She is continuing to master new songs on her own…fun to watch. She is excited to return summer 2016.”
Lynn, a parent who sent her 13 year old son to Camp Pillsbury over the summer.  “Evan originally planned on staying one session.  He ended up spending another five weeks.” Peterson said “every cent that he has now he is setting aside for next summer.”  Evan is also asking for all of his Christmas and birthday presents to go toward his Camp Pillsbury registration fees.  “It truly has been life changing for him.  He’s got friends from all around the world that he is in frequent contact with,” she said.  “Camp Pillsbury was his second home”.
Debbie, a parent: This was my daughters first time at sleep away camp and she didn't want to go. She changed her tune quickly after being there for one day. She had an awesome 2 weeks and would have stayed longer if school didn't start the day after she left camp. She will be going back next year and staying for a much longer time. This place is awesome!!!
Kendra, a parent: Olivia and Jillian had the best camp experience. I couldn't have asked for better for them..already making plans for them to return next summer! Thank you to ALL the counselors and staff for making for making their summer fabulous!
Ridgely, a parent: I never went to anything like this when I was a kid--from high-flying trapeze to wake boarding on the lake to theater and musical arts--the possibilities seemed endless and more importantly my kids loved it and didn't want to leave.
A priceless experience that my kids talk about frequently--to this day they text and communicate with friends from multiple continents...
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Camp Pillsbury is set on the campus of Pillsbury College Prep and Camp which is our year-round boarding school for Junior High and High School students. Through the winter months, the Camp is a fully accredited private school with outstanding academic standards.